This is Ila Crawford’s blog and is mostly about art and Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. Occasionally it will be about curriculum of place, feminism and aging, great recipes, tips on screenprinting, dead birds, soccer, hand made books, and whatever else inspires me to write. If I remember to take photographs, it will be delightful to look at as well.

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    3 09 2011
      Caressa (09:58:14) :     

    Hello Ila,

    I recently came across some lesson plans and commentary on art and place that you have made contribution to and the lesson plans and other contributions have really helped me develop my ideas.

    I am teaching a mixed high school level course this semester having to do with art and place. I have inquired with some locals about getting my students in a pop up gallery sort of situation where they make work based on subjects such as geography, neighborhoods, and architecture in relation to this spaces.

    I am wondering if you have any advice or additional resources that may aid in my development of this class. I want to create small projects that lead up to this pop up and other community projects that the whole school is being engaged in.

    I appreciate your consideration.

    Kind Regards,

    Caressa Givens

    20 10 2011
      icrawfor (16:07:41) :     

    Hi Caressa: I confess I have been neglecting my blog and just came across your posting. The one publication that I think might be useful is Lucy Lippard’s book “The Lure of the Local.” She writes very eloquently about the role of art in considering place. There is also a lot of literature (Greunevalde for example–not sure of the spelling) available for teaching in elementary and secondary education, but not a lot that is specifically directed to post secondary pedagogy. One of the tenets of place based curriculum is that it is conducive for social and community activism.

    I hope this is not too late and that it is a little helpful.


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