Visual Arts Student at TRU Prints Large Woodcut Using Spoons

16 03 2011
Rolling up the woodcut

Rolling up the woodcut

Photos by Marnie Blair

Wooden spoon printing

Wooden spoon printing

Krista, Tyler and Wes assisting.

Krista, Melaina, Tyler and Wes enjoying the social activity of spooning the plate

Melaina Todd, 4th year BFA student, in the above images is printing a large woodcut by using wooden spoons to burnish the paper. She is assisted by several students and passersby as she makes the print. The print is visible in the background as she is rolling up the plate in the first image.  In the second image the print becomes visible through the rice paper as it is burnished.  To make a wood cut, areas of the wood panel that the artist wants to remain white are carved away leaving a plateau that is inked up when a roller covered in ink is passed across the surface. In this case the panel is printed by pressing paper onto the plate via a burnishing action using the flat part of a wooden spoon. The plate was printed in Student Street on the Thompson Rivers University campus.



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